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Social and Community Wellbeing

Social Wellbeing

Social wellbeing is about how well supported you feel by your peers, friends and family at home. 

In this time of social distancing we must continue to spend time with our families and friends. These programmes facilitate virtual meet-ups. 

  • houseparty.jpg


    App and website

    Video chat and games with friends & family 

  • Zoom.jpg


    Free app and website

    Video chat- has 40minute limit with free membership

  • netflix party.jpg

    Netflix Party


    Host long distance movie & TV nights 

  • Zoho.jpg


    Free app and website

    Video chat

  • google hangout.png

    Google Hangouts

    Free app and website

    Video chat

Community Wellbeing

Community wellbeing is your sense of engagement in your social or environmental spheres. 

These resources can help you feel more engagement in your local community. 

  • good neighbours.jpg

    Good Neighbour network


    Local groups helping communities

  • nextdoor.png


    App and website

    Private social networks for your neighbourhood 

  • city socializer.png

    City Socializer 

    App and website

    Events to the local community

  • volunteer.jpg


    Free app and website

    Volunteering opportunities near you

  • give blood.jpg

    Give Blood

    App and Website

    Giving blood

  • meetup.jpg


    App and website

    Platform to meet new people locally through various activities