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Mental Wellbeing

Maintaining Mental Wellbeing and Psychological First Aid 

There is no denying that practising in healthcare can be challenging and professionals are exposed to unique circumstances and stressors. At HEE-TV we recognise the challenges in the job and want to help you maintain good mental wellbeing during your career.

The NHS recommends five steps to improve your mental health and wellbeing

Making a conscious effort to try or maintain these things could help you feel more positive and able to get the most out of life.

1.     Connect with other people

For example by setting aside time to spend with your friends and family 

2.     Be physically active

This can raise your self esteem and release endorphins to help improve your mood

3.     Learn new skills

This can boost self- confidence and hope you connect with others 

4.     Give to others

Being kind and giving to others can have a positive impact on your wellbeing, things as simple as saying thank you or writing an excellence report

5.     Pay attention to the present (mindfulness).

Paying more attention to the present moment can improve your mental wellbeing by helping you to enjoy life more, understand yourself better and change the way you approach challenges.  

Self Help apps and websites

A curated selection of resources to help focus on improving your own mental wellbeing

  • Calm.png


    Meditation App

    Access to a selection of resources to help with anxiety

  • Headspace_Share_edited.jpg


    Free App for 2020

    Mindfulness Resources

  • TenPercentHappier_Logo%2B(2)_edited.png

    Ten Percent Happier

    Free App


  • Daylight.png


    Free app for NHS


  • Unmind_edited.png


    Free app for NHS

    Interactive content based on CBT principles and positive psychology

  • every-mind-matters-logo.png

    Every Mind Matters


    Advice & practical tips to help you look after your wellbeing

    Individual Mind Plans

  • MindEd.jpg


    Website by HEE

    How to manage mental health during Covid

  • liberate.png


    Free app for NHS

    Meditation and mindfulness app. Culturally sensitive & diverse meditations, curated for the BAME community

  • silver cloud.jpg

    Silver Cloud

    Free access code NHS2020

    A range of programmes to help your health 


Services available through HEE-TV

Survive and Thrive Programme

This is an all day course looking at what promotes general wellbeing and exploring one’s preferred way of responding to challenging situations in the morning.

The afternoon sessions are experiential workshops facilitated by psychologists focussed on how to survive and thrive using CBT principles and techniques in a challenging environment. The workshop will aim to give experiences of learning to recognise and work differently using more helpful ways of thinking and coping in challenging situations, systems and interactions with others, and has been the unique offer of this programme.

TPD’s/HoS can access these for their trainees on a first come first served basis. For each session, the TPD/HoS trainee rep will be invited to identify what the particular concerns around working in that specialism are to inform in detail the afternoon workshops.

DME’s can also access this programme for their staff (not just trainees) but there will be a charge to the trusts for this.

Expressions of interest by email to 

Online Peer Support for TV

At HEE-Thames Valley we think it’s really important for everyone has access to a space where they can share experiences and form peer-support networks. 

We are working on making this available to all trainees across Thames Valley. 


Online Peer Support from NHS Practitioner Health

Virtual staff common rooms

The staff common room is an opportunity for NHS people to come together virtually and talk in a safe and supportive environment. 


Schwartz Rounds

What are Schwartz rounds?

Schwartz rounds are open-access multidisciplinary groups that were originally designed to strengthen the caregiver–patient relationship. Schwartz rounds provide a safe space for staff to share the emotional and ethical aspects of their work with peers. 

Benefits to me?

- Help staff feel more supported in their jobs

- Have a positive impact on wellbeing

- Reduce stress 

-Increased insight and understand of other members of the team

-Reduce hierarchy 


How can I join?

Schwartz rounds are current running at RBH, BHT and Oxford Heath