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Trainees4Trainees- Group peer support

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

At HEE-Thames Valley we think it’s really important for everyone has access to a space where they can share experiences and form peer-support networks.

We’ve set up some trainee groups that we would like to invite you to. Everyone will be allocated into a group of about 10 trainees, and that group will  meet approximately fortnightly for 45minute sessions via Zoom. The sessions will be facilitated by a senior trainee. Essentially, it is a place to talk to other trainees in a similar position to yourself. The groups are currently running for a range of specialties who have found the opportunity to have a ‘space’ to talk really useful. 

If you would like to be allocated to a group please email

We look forward to hearing from you soon, 


Aisling Higham ST6- Trainee Improvement Fellow- HEE-TV

Sophie Behrman ST6- RCPsych Leadership and Management Fellow

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