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Attentive Therapist

Psychological Wellbeing

Psychological Wellbeing

We all want the best possible care for patients, and in order to achieve this we also need to ensure those delivering the care look after their own mental and physical wellbeing. 

There are inherent challenges within healthcare roles that, at times, can lead to stress and burnout. An awareness of the potential impacts work can have on everyone's mental health can help you to prioritise your own wellbeing. 

At HEE-TV we have recently run an innovative Survive and Thrive Programme, which helps to equip learners with strategies to maintain wellbeing useful in the healthcare setting. We are also running peer support for all shielding doctors, and piloting this for FY1 trainees in Bucks.


Psychological Wellbeing and First Aid

Simple recommendations for everyone on how to approach your daily mental wellbeing.


Support beyond Self-Help

Formal support, for example counselling, CBT, psychotherapy

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