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Professional Support and Wellbeing Service (PSWS)

Cafe Coaching (a.k.a. Speed Coaching)

Invite our team of experienced coaches to run a two-hour ‘café-coaching’ event at your conference or training day.  An opportunity to find out more about coaching and experience the impact of a 10-15 minute ‘coaching on the run’ session. Integrate with the theme of your day – popular choices focus on wellbeing and leadership development – or as a stand-alone. We welcome enquiries from educators and doctors, dentists and pharmacists in training. 

Contact  for further enquiries and to book this. 


Cafe Coaching

Many people are not sure what coaching involves and these 10 minute speed coaching sessions give you the opportunity to find out!

 We believe that coaching can be of benefit to all professionals and hope that these taster sessions may encourage people to use and benefit from the service. 

How would a coaching session run?

We have a team of coaches that can set up coaching sessions for educators and medical, dental and pharmacists in training. We want the session format to suit you and your team and can work with you to arrange this, potential options include:

  • A speed coaching session as part of a regional teaching session. We could do a brief introduction to coaching, then all participants would have the chance to try coaching for themselves

  • At an educator training day, to familiarise all educators what coaching involves to help them signpost trainees to coaching

  • At leadership training days, we could offer specific leadership focused speed coaching

  • At induction, we could offer drop-in speed coaching during the day

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A unique opportunity to try out coaching delivered by a team of qualified and experienced coaches

 Get in touch to see how we can facilitate a session for you and your team!


Young Businesswomen

1:1 Coaching

  • Each delegate has a one-to-one coaching session of 10-15 mins max

  • Brief introductions and contracting (confidentiality, clarification re role of coach / coachee, etc.)

  • Coachee presents the focus for the coaching conversation (a challenge, dilemma, aspiration, etc.)

  • Coach supports coachee in gaining clarity

  • Coachee summarises where they are up to in their thinking, what has struck them /resonated with them the most etc.

  • Coach encourages coachee to identify next steps / actions they would like to take

  • Coachee records 2-3 three key points they wish to remember / act on

Virtual Team Meeting

Current Zoom Format

  • Example:

  • 30 mins - Whole group: Introduction to coaching

  • 60 mins (depending on the size of the group) - Speed coaching session (10-15 mins max) with PSWS coaches in Breakout Rooms

  • 30 mins - Whole group back into Main Room: coach led reflection time, concluding remarks and feedback

Speed coaching
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