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Thames Valley Professional Support and Wellbeing Resource Hub

About Professional Support and Wellbeing

HEE Thames Valley are committed to supporting the wellbeing of all learners and being part of the revolution to really prioritise wellbeing. There are challenges inherent to the work of many healthcare roles and it is our responsibility at HEE TV to support you through. 

This resources hub signposts learners to a wide range of support in Thames Valley and Nationally. 

Dr Haido Vlachos

Associate Dean for Professional Support

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity” -


Working and training in the health professions, we all do a challenging job, often under great time and resource pressures. It is so important that the love of humanity and care for our patients should extend to care of ourselves, for our wellbeing is the first and arguably the most important tool in allowing us to do what we do. The workplace culture is changing and through the broader services we offer through the Professional Support and Wellbeing Service (PSU) we want to be at the forefront of that.


All the options for wellbeing support can be confusing and overwhelming at times, especially so when one is already stressed and tired. We have heard your concerns about that and this Professional Support and Wellbeing Resource hub is the work  of Aisling Higham, HETV Trainee Improvement Fellow. We hope that is makes the options clear and easier to navigate. Look after yourselves, and each other.

The Five Aspects of Wellbeing

When considering how to look after your own wellbeing, it can be easier to think of wellbeing within these sections. This website offers resources and advice to improve wellbeing under all of these domains.  

Career Wellbeing

How your time is used on a daily basis 

Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Your physical and mental health and energy 

Social Wellbeing

The strength and quality of your relationships ​​

Community Wellbeing

Your sense of engagement in your social or environmental spheres 

Financial Wellbeing

Your ability to meet your basic need and feel security 

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